Welcome & Namaste


” I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides;
I honor the place in you of love, of light, of truth, of peace.
I honor the place within you where if you are in that place in you
and I am in that place in me,
there is only one of us.”



The soul’s yearning to consciously ascendHands Raised
and return to Source is a journey.
When we feel the call to self-healing and respond with a yes, our affirmation is a Sacred Commitment to self, one’s life journey, and to the Divine.

Follow the Path of Healing through Healing Modalities of Spiritual Empowerment. Empower yourself to walk the path of your life as your Authentic Self with fuller understanding and trust.

Move toward fuller and deeper consciousness, connect with and awaken your God-spark within, and explore your own Divinity in the Path of Learning through these workshops. Be given tools to flow Divine Light and Energy into all levels of your life.

The Path of Initiation is for all those dedicated to service to the Light, consciously open one’s heart to the Christ-Consciousness and returning to Source through service to humanity. Initiations will allow you to become a clear conduit of Spiritual Energies.

The Path of Shamanic Healing is for Practitioners and all those who desire to know how to consciously be sensitive to and move energy for healing, abundance, and clearing.


Path of Healing:
Melchizedek Light ActivationEtheric/Auric Surgery/Armor RemovalGalaxy in Hands
Emotional Cord Cuttings
Sealing and Sanctification Ritual
Energetic Alignment (Central Core Re-Alignment)
Spiritual Protection Ritual
House/Space/Office Blessings & Clearings
Phone Consultations/Sessions
Expos & Events


Path of Learning – Workshops:

All Intensives and Workshops include handouts and are presented in PowerPoint!

eye galaxyAwaken to Spirit Channeling: Level I Basic and Level II Advanced – available via Skype
Etheric Energy Level I Workshop for Energy Practitioners
Astral Travel
Sacred Geometry & Sacred Geometry 2

Nurturing Energetically Sensitive Children & Teens
Etheric Energy Level I Workshop for Healthcare Providers
Esoteric Christianity workshops



Path of Initiation – Service:

All Initiations include manuals and are presented in PowerPoint!

Initiation into the Lineage of Melchizedek Level I
Initiation into the Priesthood of Melchizedek
Level II
Mysteries of the Priesthood of Melchizedek
Level III
Deeper Mysteries of the Priesthood of Melchizedek Level 4



NEW for 2016!
Long Distance & International Clients
Activations/ Spiritual Initiations/ Intensives/ Workshops/ Training for LightWorkers –me-skype-crop
now available for those unable to travel to eastern Pennsylvania.
There have been many wonderful changes and Energetic shifts these days.
Spirit has been nudging me for a while now, gently showing me the possibilities what is possible through The Masters in long-distance work.
For all those of you who asked I thank you and am ready to Activate, Initiate and Teach you long-distance.

Fall 2016 –
Journey into the Mysteries of the Priesthood of Melchizedek Level 5
Sacred Geometry Level II

our lady of phOur Lady of Compassion
Ministerial Services
Hospital/Hospice/Home Visitation
Officiating at Weddings/Commitment Ceremonies
Officiating at Funerals/Celebrations of Life
Negative Attachment/Entity Removal
House/Office/Space Blessings & Clearings
Long-distance House/Office/Space Blessings & Clearings


Summer Hawk Wolf

SummerHawk Wolf is a Shamana (female healer), Channel,  Initiated Guide, Teacher, and Ritual Master in the Divine Hierarchy of Light.

In the monastic Celtic tradition the “anam cara” – (“soul – healer”) helped guide a person on their Spiritual Path and within.

As an “anam cara”, Ordained Priest and Consecrated Bishop of Our Lady of Compassion, SummerHawk Wolf draws from the shamanic/ metaphysical/ Catholic/ Native American animal totems/ ancient symbols/ mythic archetypes of Nurturing guidance to help one understand the “Big Picture”.


info@SummerHawkWolf.com or 610-954-0885 e.s.t


Upcoming Events!

Wed July 27 Level I Basic Awaken to Spirit Channeling Thu July 28 Level II Advanced Sat July 30– am “Nurturing Energetically Sensitive Children & Teens" summerhawkwolf.com/awaken-to-spirit-channeling-intensives summerhawkwolf.com/nurturing-energetically-sensitive-children-teens