SummerHawk Wolf: Shamana, Healer, Channel

Initiation into the Lineage of Melchizedek Level I

Rituals and Initiation ***


For those who desire to be Initiated, Sealed in the Light, for personal Empowerment and to flow energy from Spirit.

Instead of looking outside of yourself for teachings this Initiation activates ancient knowledge within you. You vibrate at a higher level and attract what you are seeking and these unfold from many sources and Paths.

  • Receive 4 new Spiritual Guides to help you achieve your full Spiritual potential in this lifetime.
  • Receive 10 times the power in order to do Light Work in the world.
  • Energetic Alignment - now flow clockwise with the will of God.

  • Direct contact with the Hierarchy of Light.

  • Divine Protection - you are Sealed in the Light.

  • Journey and meet your Higher Self.

Learn Sacred Rituals to Empower, to Protect, to Focus and Direct Energy.
This enables one to be more than just a conduit of energy rather to access limitless energy.
Rituals include:

· Circle of Protection

· Invocation to the Source

· Lesser Banishing Ritual

· Kabbalistic Cross of Light for Protection and Empowerment

· Affirmation to Healing

· Financial and Spiritual Abundance

· Ritual of Protection

*** Prerequisite for Initiation is the Melchizedek Light Activation

Saturday October 19, Bethlehem PA