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Initiation into the Lineage of Melchizedek Level I

Rituals and Initiation ***

"Through Initiation live and experience the Mysteries inwardy... rather than indirectly and superficially."

Receive 4 new Spiritual Guides to help you achieve your full Spiritual potential in this lifetime.
• Receive 10 times the power in order to do Light Work in the world.
• Energetic Alignment - now flow clockwise with the Will of God.
• Direct contact with the Hierarchy of Light.
• Divine Protection - you are Sealed in the Light.
• Journey and meet your Higher Self

Learn Sacred Rituals to Empower, to Protect, to Focus and Direct Energy.
This enables one to be more than just a conduit of energy rather to access limitless energy.
Rituals include:
• Circle of Protection
• Invocation to the Source
• Lesser Banishing Ritual
• Kabbalistic Cross of Light for Protection and Empowerment
• Affirmation to Healing
• Financial and Spiritual Abundance
• Ritual of Protection

*** prerequisite is Activation

moved due to interesting weather to Friday January 23, Bethlehem PA

Investment: $200, 4 1/2 hours, includes manual and is presented in PowerPoint along with oral teachings. A non-refundable deposit of $75 is required in advance to register and reserve your space.

Use PayPal for Initiations deposits & payments!

To register: or call 610-954-0885

Master Melchizedek and the Hierarchy of Light accept you as an Initiate.
Your full name is presented in a Ritual and that is done several days prior, so pre-registration is necessary and required for Initiation.

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