Hauntings/ Portals/ Gates

More advanced psychic work -

for places where paranormal activity
is escalating in intensity.

Locations that would need more advanced work:

  •    Site of a murder.
  •    Unintentional or intentional death.
  •    Build over unmarked or relocated graves.
  •    Locations adjacent to a cemetery.

This is not about stirring up the energy, riling anyone earthbound, or driving out anything, but about clearing and releasing and bring rest to the entities involved.

Like a video that is played over and over, past events can be “stuck” and keep re-playing. That is why some paranormal events repeat and at the same times and is known as “place memory.”

Blessing and Consecration of a cemetery or graveyard:

  •    For old farmhouses and homesteads
    that contain a graveyard (usually of family members).
  •    Homes adjacent to a cemetery, or possibly built upon unmarked or relocated graves


+SummerHawk Wolf is a Shamana (female healer), Initiated Guide and Ritual master.
As an Ordained Priest and Consecrated Bishop therefore have been given the Spiritual Power of releasing negative entities in places and people.
+SummerHawk Wolf brings the powerful Spiritual energies as enjoined on the lineage by Jesus of Nazareth:
“Whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”
Mt 16:19) 


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