Activations/ Spiritual Initiations/ Intensives/ Workshops/ Training for LightWorkers

are now available for those unable to travel to eastern Pennsylvania.

There have been many wonderful changes and Energetic shifts these days.
Spirit has been nudging me for a while now, gently showing me the possibilities what is possible through The Masters in long-distance work.

For all those of you who asked I thank you and am ready to Activate, Initiate and Teach you long-distance.

Clients all around the world including:
– Canada
– South America
– United Kingdom
– Sweden
– South Africa
– Australia
– Kuwait
– Mexico
– Germany
– India
– Greece
– Philippines
– Denmark
– Kenya
– Japan
– Ireland

Path of Healing

Path of Learning
Private long-distance one-on-one teaching over

Astral Travel

$133 for distance teaching.

Awaken to Spirit Channeling Intensives Level I    ΔΔΔ

$333 for distance teaching.

Awaken to Spirit Channeling Intensives Level II    ΔΔΔ

$230 for distance teaching.

Etheric Energy Level I

$133 for distance teaching.

Nurturing Energetically Sensitive Children & Teens

$122 for distance teaching.

Sacred Geometry Level I

$133 for distance teaching.

Path of Initiation
Private long-distance one-on-one teaching over zoom. blur-candles

ΔΔΔ 7 hour or longer class – with different time zone from eastern USA it may be necessary to schedule 2 consecutive days.

Some of the requirements necessary:

  1. Computer with a webcam.
  2. Log into zoom link for screen-sharing.
  3. Headphones – ones that plug into your computer. This way you be able to hear clearly for the teachings, Rituals, & journeys.
  4. Be alone in a quiet room – it is very important that you be uninterrupted.
  5. Print out e-mailed handouts sent to you prior to the workshop. You’ll need to have them that day as I will be referring to them and they will be your notes as well.

A non-refundable payment in full is required 2 weeks in advance to register and reserve your space.
Use PayPal for distance teaching registration!

Please call for available dates and times and to register: or call 610-954-0885 e.s.t. USA

If you do not receive an email reply within 24 hours
please check your “junk” email folder.