Negative Attachment/ Entity Removal

This healing modality is used to release negative forces when it is threatening the fundamental foundation of the person. Any attachments or energies that are not in the best interest of the person are released, thus empowering the person to function more fully in all aspects of life.

This is not about “driving out” anything, but bringing the person into wholeness by strengthening their own Energetic and Auric boundaries. It is not about “fixing” you, but holding Sacred space and energy to open yourself to your own Healing.
Sometimes what is labeled “negative attachments/ curses”, etc. are manifestations of opening Spiritual Gifts.

Energy can be overwhelming – especially for those who are sensitive – and can magnify a person’s own thought forms and lead to racing thoughts, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, etc.

The Sealing and Sanctification Ritual may be used to bring in additional Spiritual protection, and an Emotional Cord Cutting may be recommended as well.

It could be the energy of a location that is contributing to or is the core of the issues and they are simply vibrating to the fear, anger, or the negative energy and events that occurred there. Like a video that is played over and over, past events can be “stuck” and keep re-playing. That is why some paranormal events repeat and at the same times and is known as “place memory”.

In those cases, a House/ Space / Office Blessing and Clearing may be strongly recommended.

For those who have found little or no relief with traditional medical/ psychiatric treatment.

: any healing modalities are to be used in conjunction WITH
and NOT intended to replace – medical treatment, prescribed medications,
or to diagnose medical/ psychiatric conditions.

Negative Attachment/ Entity Removal 1 hour,
Phone / zoom video session $100
In person $150

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As a Shamana (female healer), Initiated Guide and Ritual Master and
Ordained Priest and Consecrated Bishop, SummerHawk Wolf brings the powerful Spiritual energies as enjoined on the lineage by Jesus of Nazareth.

“Whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven”. (Mt 16: 19)


A warning about scams!

Spiritual work is not about fear!

So if you have been to a “psychic” or “medium” or “reader” and they tell you you have a “negative attachment” or “curse” – RUN!!!

Of course the “psychic” will offer to remove it for at least $500 or more. I have heard of this scam for over 12 years. Another trick a “psychic” uses is to wave an egg around you to “clear your aura”. They then crack the egg and through slight of hand it appears that inside is a black mass, gob of hair, miniature skull, blood, etc. That is to “prove” you need to be cleared. Of course lots of money for a fee is involved. Sometimes the client is supposed to bring a wad of cash  (after the money is switched with plain paper cut to size) that is burned to remove “the curse”.

A person with a severe psychiatric condition (schizophrenia, in some cases bi-polar, etc.) are not aware they have an issue.
It is the same with psychic issues – a person with a negative attachment, entity, or even possession will NOT be aware of it.

A sensitive person depending on their gifts will be able to sense “ghosts”, past events in a location, be aware of others’ emotions etc. THAT IS NOT THE SAME as having a Negative Attachment or Entity.

The Archangel Michael Clearing Prayer will clear you.

If you are Catholic/ Christian do the Sign of the Cross and feel the protection of the Trinity around yourself. Imagine Light surrounding you. If you were Baptized – (all denominations) there is a Cross of Light embedded in your Auric Field.

Watch my tutorial video “Kabbalistic Cross of Light” on YouTube:


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