SummerHawk Bio

 When 5 years old I began feeling the energies during the Catholic Mass as well as the energies of a location. That is being empathic and sometimes feeling more connected to Spirit than the physical.

My gifts come from both sides of my ancestry – my maternal Aunt had the Irish gift of “Sight” and one of her gifts was she knew where a person had died or their body “laid out” for visitation during a wake. She could also sense the changes in a person’s aura as they began actively dying. Like many who are sensitive she was not particularly thrilled knowing that.

(Before hospices most people were cared for and died in their homes. Few could afford a service at a funeral home so the wake for the deceased was held in the home – usually in the parlor. In the early 1900’s the parlor began to be renamed the “living room” to distance from this practice!)

My paternal side also is Irish and my Grandmother had a connection to the Native American tribes in the St. Albans Vermont area. I credit that lineage for my deep relationship to nature and communication with the 4 leggeds – animals.

I began my Shamanic training  in a mystery school in 2001 and my gifts of clairvoyance (clear sight), clairaudience (clear hearing), and clairsentience (clear knowing) opened up even more. Spiritual knownings and information for others about their life situations were no longer confined to my dreams.
I was Initiated as a Teacher in 2002, a Guide in 2006, and a Ritual Master Level 2 in 2008 and now teaches in the Temple of Melchizedek Mystery School.

It is my joy to empower you, be a part of your Journey of consciously opening your heart, to awaken to your Divinity.

“Saying Mass” age 6

“Saying Mass” age 6


SummerHawk Wolf is a Shamana (female Healer) whose Spiritual gifts include Channeling detailed and specific information about your emotional woundings and physical issues past and present. In Shamanic Healing, a person is seen as a whole – not a symptom or “issue.”

In the monastic Celtic tradition the “anam cara” – (“soul – healer”) helped guide a person on their Spiritual Path and within.

As an “anam cara” SummerHawk Wolf draws from the shamanic/ metaphysical/ Catholic/ Native American animal totems/ ancient symbols/ mythic archetypes of Nurturing guidance to help one understand the “Big Picture”.