Spiritual Mentoring

Offering ongoing mentoring for those seeking Spiritually-based guidance
or Nurturing guidance to understand the “Big Picture”

  • Repeating life patterns
  • Sacred Contracts with other Souls:

  1.  Biological family
  2. Significant others/ partners
  3. Friend/ships
  4. Toxic relationship patterns

  • Options for self-growth
  • Setting healthy emotional and energetic boundaries
  • Chronic health issues
  • Inner Children work
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Visions
  • Affirming Life Transitions


In the monastic Celtic tradition the “anam cara” – (“soul – healer”) helped guide a person on their Spiritual Path and within to their Divinity.

As an “anam cara” SummerHawk Wolf draws from the shamanic/ metaphysical/ Catholic/ Native American animal totems/ ancient symbols/ mythic archetypes of Nurturing guidance to help one understand the “Big Picture”.

A Light Activation session including Etheric/ Auric Surgery and Armor Removal  is necessary to begin Spiritual Mentoring.

Contact for cost – and special rates for regularly scheduled sessions. Please email info@summerhawkwolf.com or call 610-954-0885 e.s.t. U.S.A.


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