Path of Healing - Modalities

Find a place of peace in times of great change through Channeled information, Attunements, and Healings.

Receive Channeled information specific to your growth and Ascension process. Come back to who you truly are – a Spark of the Divine choosing to be a powerful point of Light and Love.

Allow yourself to be supported and nurtured.

Allow miracles and changes in your life to transform every aspect of your life.

This page gives more in-depth descriptions of the Healing Sessions available:

  • Channeled Readings
  • Etheric/Auric Surgery and Armor Removal – in-person or a long-distance Modality
  • Melchizedek Light Activation in-person or a long-distance Modality
  • Emotional Cord Cuttings in-person or a long-distance Modality
  • Shamanic Energy Healing sessions – in-person
  • Sealing and Sanctification Ritual
  • Energetic Alignment (Central Core Alignment)  – in-person or a long-distance Modality
  • Negative Entity Removal – in-person or a long-distance Modality
  • Spiritual Protection Ritual  – in-person or a long-distance Modality

Healing Sessions can be scheduled weekdays in the morning, afternoon, and evenings; including the following weekends:

All weekends in May!

Saturday May 2 - pm & Sunday May 3
Saturday May 9 & Sunday May 10
Saturday May 16 & Sunday May 17
Memorial Holiday Weekend Saturday May 23 & Sunday May 24
Saturday May 30 & Sunday May 31

Phone and/ or zoom video Sessions are available for either 30, 60, 75, 90 minutes or 2 hours.

Sessions need to be scheduled 24 hours in advance  -
same day appointments are
not available.

Email or call 610-954-0885 e.s.t. USA  to book.


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Channeled Readings

 In a Reading Ascended Master Melchizedek guides, encourages, and gives insights about one’s life and relationships.

Understand the “why” patterns keep repeating and make choices in alignment with your Highest Good.

A Channeled reading is 30 or 60 minutes by phone or by zoom video session.
See “Channeled Readings” for PayPal payment links.


Etheric/ Auric Surgery Armor Removal

There are Etheric/Auric structures that impede the flow of Divine Light and Energy and physical health and well-being. Removing Etheric structures and blocks is Etheric/Auric Surgery.

The session begins with a Body Scan three inches above your physical body
in your Etheric (or Auric) body and
those structures and blocks can then be removed with your permission.
Once removed they cannot return – they are transmuted and re-absorbed into the Universe. The once-blocked energy flow (like a kinked garden hose) is now free-flowing and healing permeates to the cellular/microscopic level.

This healing modality is for anyone feeling a need to do deep healing,
remove Etheric blockage and assimilate their shifts.
While this is an integral part of the Melchizedek Light Activation, it can be done prior to it. And it can also be a supportive and nurturing follow-up to continue, assimilate, and delve into the shifts begun in the Activation.

The energy continues after a session…allowing you to absorb and integrate and release at your own pace on all four levels of your Being – mental, emotional, Spiritual, and physical.

Benefits include:

  •    Releasing of emotional, mental, and physical trauma stored within the physical body and mental/emotional body
  •    Inner child healings – Soul Retrieval
  •    An understanding of chronic physical ailments

Etheric/ Auric Surgery & Armor Removal is also available as a
phone or zoom video session in 30 or 60 minute sessions.


Melchizedek Light Activation

This ancient modality enables you to awaken your Spiritual potential and access higher levels of your Spiritual Consciousness. Become aware of and sensitive to the movements and guidance of the Divine in your life. Know who you are to the core of your Being and open to the universal flow of Spiritual Abundance and prosperity.

Your divine Etheric blueprint is that of your True Self – who you were always meant to be and therefore do the work you are meant to do. Manifest your gifts, align to your power within and live with strength, passion, courage, compassion and self-awareness.

Etheric/Auric Surgery and Armor Removal is an integral part of the Light Activation. Removal of Etheric Armor and pins are some of the healing work facilitated to remove the blocks that impede the flow of Divine Light and Energy into all aspects of your life.

Receive channeled information about the structures, including the emotional, mental, and physical ramifications (dis-ease etc.). This information enables you to understand chronic physical conditions and/ or reoccurring life/ relationship patterns.

$150  - 1 1/2 hours in person or a distance modality by phone or zoom video session.



The Melchizedek Light Activation for children and teens includes the Crown Cap Removal, Activation of the 3rd Eye, and Archangel Michael Clearing Prayer.
Usually children and teens have minimal Etheric Armor structures –
and it can be removed with their permission for their Highest Good.

This modality enables children and teens to have stronger energetic boundaries,
to be able to differentiate between their own emotions and those of others.

Light Activation Prices for children & teens:
up to age 5  = $20
age 6 – 11    = $30
age 12 – 14  = $40
age 15 – 15  = $50
age 16 – 17 = $70
age 18 – 20 = $80


Channeled Readings & Healings by Master Melchizedek

This is for one who has already experienced Etheric/ Auric Surgery and/ or the Melchizedek Light Activation.

In Sacred Space receive Channeled information, Attunements, Healings, guided journeys specific to your growth and Ascension process. The energy will flow to where most needed in the physical, mental, emotional, and Spiritual bodies.

The subtlety of the Ascension is like micro-surgery as the energy goes in where needed and will enable you to transform every aspect of your life.

Allow yourself to be supported and nurtured.
Allow yourself to remember who you truly are – a Spark of the Divine.

This Modality can be a Phone / zoom video Session in 30 or 60 minute sessions.


Shamanic Energy Healing sessions

 Come in for a tune-up!

One hour,  $100,
Bethlehem PA by appointment


Central Core Re-Alignment

This modality re-aligns your Central Core to flow clockwise – in alignment with the flow of the Will of God.
Anchor more Light and energy in your physical body.
Four Pillars of Light are anchored into your Etheric and physical body.

30 minute session – $80
Can be done as a distance modality on zoom video – $80

For those continuing on for the Initiation into the Lineage of Melchizedek, his prepares you Spiritually to receive 4 new Guides who will assist you to serve humanity in a deeper way.


Emotional Cord Cuttings

Free yourself from the negative emotional cords from family, friends and relationships and then re-connect in a conscious and healthy way.

This Modality cuts the cords to all emotional attachments, negative energy, relationship cords of all kinds, and material attachments – behaviors, addictions, etc.

$44 if done in conjunction with another modality within the same session.

 Available as a distance 40 minute phone/ zoom video session.


Sealing and Sanctification Ritual

This Ritual facilitates awakening of the Christ-Consciousness by infusing your heart with Divine Love and Light. The most important aspect of opening one’s heart is often overlooked in most teachings and trainings. This unifies the chakras, flows Love into the heart chakra and opens the crown chakra to connect more fully with the Higher Self. Connect with and awaken your God-Spark within and explore your own Divinity with fuller compassion and love for yourself and others. Become a stronger anchor of Light and feel Divine Protection from negative forces to the depths of your being.

This Ritual is a clearing of negative energy residue and build-up to bring about a mental and emotional cleansing and transformation. Be physically sealed, Etheric/Auric energy field sealed and strengthened, and vibrational and energy level raised. In a Sacred Space the four Archangels and your own Angel of Protection are invoked.

For Practitioners, be Spiritually protected for client sessions, house clearings and blessings and more shielded from energy shifts, planetary fear-consciousness and the resultant physical effects.

Sealing and Sanctification Ritual includes:

  • Invocation of Archangels and your own Angel of Protection
  • The ancient Reversal of Negativity
  • Anointing with 2 Olea Sacra (Blessed Oils) – Sacred Chrism (Sanctum Chrisma) and
  • Oleum Catechumenorum – a Blessed Oil that brings in
    Spiritual protection against negative forces.
  • Prayers of protection and for Divine Guidance.
  • Invocation of Shekinah (Divine Wisdom, i.e. Holy Spirit) through laying on of hands
  • The 4 elements of earth water air fire represented by Blessed Oils, Holy Water, incense and 4 quadrant candles.

Available as a distance modality by phone or zoom video  – $100.

$150 - in person.


Spiritual Protection Ritual

In Sacred Space, Healing energies are focused.

Their Higher Self accepts the energy for the person’s Highest Good.

This Protection Ritual is specifically for distance work and can be a phone session. It can be at the request of a loved one not able to receive an in-person session.

Recommended for those who are dealing with illness, in Hospital, or immanent passing, or under psychic control/ attack/ manipulation.

Available as a distance modality by phone or zoom video  – $100.

In person $150


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