phone-photoDistance Sessions can include Etheric/ Auric Surgery and Armor Removal,
Channeled Information, Light Activations, Emotional Cord Cuttings, Attunements, Healings, Guided journeys, Soul Retrieval, and new for 2019  Spiritual Mentoring for life-Guidance.

A Session begins with the Invocation of the Archangels
to create Sacred Space around you at your location.
An energetic scan of the physical, mental, emotional, and Spiritual bodies
allows the energy to flow where most needed.

Receive Channeled Information specific to your growth and Ascension process.
Phone/ Facebook or video messaging / Sessions depending on the Modality:

Etheric/ Auric Surgery and Armor Removal30 minutes or  60 minutes.
Distance Emotional Cord Cutting            = 40 minutes
Distance Melchizedek Light Activation   = 1 ½ hours
Distance Melchizedek Light Activation & Emotional Cord Cutting  = 1 hour 40 minutes

Phone/ Facebook or video messaging Sessions are ideal when a client is physically too far from Bethlehem, PA and travel distance is an issue.

Facebook video messaging/ sessions are available for international clients.

Sessions need to be pre-scheduled and payment received through PayPal at least 24 hours prior.
After payment is received available dates & times for session will be sent.

Use PayPal:

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30 minute session non-refundable payment = $50 U.S.D. 

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60 minute session non-refundable payment = $100 U.S.D.

1 hour 15 minute session & Emotional Cord Cutting non-refundable payment = $144 U.S.D.


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Distance Emotional Cord Cutting – 40 minutes = $80 – non-refundable

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Distance Melchizedek Light Activation  – 1 ½ hours = $150 – non-refundable

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Distance Melchizedek Light Activation & Emotional Cord Cutting – 1 hours 40 minutes = $194 – non-refundable

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Distance 2 hour session = $200 – non-refundable

For your session:

If you have questions you may want to write them down.
I do not know the direction a session will go with the information revealed.
If you have specific expectations that may not happen as this is specifically
for your Spiritual growth and this moment in your process.

Please note the following to enable you to get the most out of this experience:

  1. Please be in a quiet space where you will be undisturbed for the duration of your session.
  2. Please be sitting upright in a comfy chair. Lying down flat is not recommended as it is too easy to fall asleep!
  3. Use of a headset is recommended for phone/Facebook video messaging/ so you will not have to concentrate on holding a phone.
  4. Wear loose, comfy clothing. Consider wearing layers as some get cold with the shift into Spiritual energies. Some find snuggling in a blanket nurturing.
  5. You may want to have paper available in case you want to write.

Pre and post session

To prepare to receive:galaxy-in-hand


The sessions are to nurture and empower you.
There may be parts of you that feel scared and perhaps overwhelmed, but this is simply the fear of the unknown and realizing how powerful you are.

All your Guides, Guardians, Archangels & Angels of Protection
are present to assist your growth and personal Ascension process.

You will be able to integrate the hurt and scared and wounded aspects of yourself.
You may need quiet time and meditation to prepare, you may be ravenous for protein prior to receiving.

For Follow-up:

All your Guides, Guardians, Archangels & Angels of Protection are present to assist your Integration and healing process on all levels.


  1. Salt baths once a day for three days following the session assists in releasing and relaxing into the new energies. (Epson salt, water softener salt
    crystals, table salt, fancy Dead Sea salts are all ok to use.) If you do not have access to a bathtub, dissolve the salt in hot water and pour it over your head or put it in the shower enclosure floor. Empaths & Sensitives may need a salt bath every day.
  2. Gargling with warm salt water and spitting it out helps if you had structures in or around your throat released.
  3. One may find the need to nap or to eat more protein.
  4.  Spend some time outside to ground the energies. Walk, hug trees or put your forehead against their trunk, stand barefoot – just like dissipating a static electric charge.
  5. The Archangel Michael Clearing Prayer can assist in keeping you in an energetically clear space.

Sessions are available mornings, afternoons, and evenings weekdays as well as some weekends.
For available appointments, please email
or call 610-954-0885 e.s.t. USA or use contact form below.

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If you do not receive an email reply within 24 hours
please check your “junk” email folder.